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Forests are Estonia’s green gold

With its 2.2 million hectares of forests, Estonia is one of the most forest-rich countries in the world.
Half of the Estonian mainland is covered in trees. In terms of species, our forests are dominated by pine, followed by birch and spruce.

Estonian forests have maintained their natural appearance thanks to:

  • the varied local soils (different forests grow on different soils),
  • the wise actions of our foresters through the ages.


Invest in Estonian forests

We are looking for investors who would like to invest in forest and agricultural land in Estonia.
We assist investors in all legal matters, including the establishment of companies. Not yet being a resident of Estonia is not an obstacle.

Why invest in Estonian forests?

  • Estonian forests provide a steady income.
  • Forest and agricultural land prices are significantly lower in Estonia than elsewhere in Europe.
  • Forests grow constantly, thus always ensuring new trees.
  • A forest property is always a secure investment.
  • We offer a full forest management service: forest inventory, planning and execution of cutting, timber sales, and reforestation/planting.

Did you know that…

  • in our climate zone forests would grow and regenerate perfectly well without human intervention?
  • cutting and other forestry activities are only needed for humans to achieve their goals?

If you are interested in investing, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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