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Metsakinnistute ost

Care about your forest!

Owners sell forest properties – i.e. land on which trees grow – to us for various reasons.

Every property needs attention, and carefully planned and proficient measures continuously increase the value of your forest. If you as a forest owner do not have the time or desire to manage your forest, it makes sense to sell it. This is more responsible behaviour towards nature than neglecting the forest.

A property with a freshly matured and well-managed forest is the most profitable.


What kind of forest land do we buy?

Please contact us if you would like to sell:

  • a mature forest
  • a maturing forest
  • forest properties
  • forest properties on which forest has been cut

We can also be your partner in the case of a forest property, which

  • is encumbered with a mortgage
  • is in co-ownership
  • is located in a nature reserve (including a NATURA area)


We are familiar with all the laws and requirements associated with the purchase of forest properties, and we will give you expert advice in this area.




Forest Act

Forest Management Rules

Forest Survey Guidelines

List of Alien Tree Species Permitted To Use in Reforestation

Statutes of State Register for Forest Resources

Format of and Procedure for Submission of Forest Notifications

Nature Conservation Act

Heritage Conservation Act

Land Improvement Act

Hunting Act